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Are your really opened minded this Election year?

28 Aug


Our son send us a  CNN poll today, it said "Can you watch the Republic
Conventions with an open mind?". So I voted, and was very surprised I
was in the minority.

So my head and heart started beating a mile a minute.  I have always
watched both conventions with and open mind and heart.  I would expect
the rest of the country did too.  This year 3 of our kids had to serve
Jury Duty.  They were told not to talk about the case until after it
was presented. They were giving instructions to remember all the
Then after the case was over to make a decision.

Well I use that principle when it comes to the lives of the Americans
that step up to the voters box and cast their vote on Election Day.  On
Facebook there have been links to articles that say "he said this and
no I didn't say that". Confused I knew I had to read and hear
everything.  Sound bites are dangerous, polls a fixed by whom ever pays
to have them done. And adds lie. It takes a lot of negative advertising
to made my head spin.

So I really need to watch the conventions.  I am not a fool, nor do I
really like to be told who I should vote for.  That is not why our
servicemen and workmen have defended our country.  I may not like one
person that is running or even care that the other person is running.
What I do care about is the values that this country has, loyalty,
faith in what is done for each one of us and the ability to stand up
for what I believe in. So I have to vote the one, that has more to
offer the country.

I care about Women's issues, I care about civil rights, (race, creed
and sexual preference.) I didn't get to be almost 70 years old without
a heart.
And for TV shows to tell me I am heartless, because I think that a bill
should not be passed, because of a hidden a gender, makes my blood boil.

So how can anyone vote with a closed mind?  That is just plain wrong.
Would you like your lives to be voted on without hearing BOTH sides?  I
hope not.  This year friends and family are debating about who is the
best choice, well friends....you are the best choice!  You vote for who
in your mind and heart have been your champion, and who will lead this
country up not deeper in a hole.  But don't do it with a closed mind.
Then you are just wasting
your vote.